Teaching Links

Here are some links that can help you teach about environmental practices, sustainably, single use plastics and everything we talk about in our presentations!

These resources are kid friendly and helpful for your to teach!

The Story of Stuff Videos


The story of Stuff provides cartoon videos explaining how our stuff is made, and the story all pretty much everything. Their videos explain everything very well with visuals for all the different students in your class!

Alberta Tomorrow Simulator 


Alberta Tomorrow is an interactive website that allows students to learn about sustainability studies and practices. Also it shows how Alberta had changed and how the things that we do effect us and our future. 

Journey 2050


Journey 2050 is an interactive iPad/iPhone game used to teach kids about agriculture, and how the land will be used as the population of Earth continues to grow.

National Geographic Kids


NatGeo Kids offers plenty of fun and interactive activities for kids to learn about a huge variety of topics, including current news, animals, geography, plastic pollution and more!

National Geographic Kids Save the Earth Page 


This page is environment specific with up to date articles and interactive activities. 

National Geographic Kids, Kids vs. Plastic 


The page specifically zones in on plastics, ways that kids can change their behaviours, learn facts and have fun while doing so. It includes downloadable toolkits, videos and articles for all of your classroom needs.

WWF Kids


World Wildlife Fund has a vast amount of teacher resources for kids in the classroom. These lessons teach kids about animals, pollution, biodiversity and the ecosystem, and more!