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The pledge has changed over the years but the message is still clear, every little step and change you make reduces your environmental footprint and you can do it, and it is up to us, the younger population to make change!


The Pledge is a way for the students to have a goal and take simple steps to reduce their environmental footprints! 

You can have your class do the pledge! Take a video of your class doing the pledge and send it to us to be featured on our social medias! We have an example on our Instagram @liveswith_lessplastic under our IGTV!

The Lives With Less Plastic Pledge!!

I (insert your name) promise to reduce my plastic intake and  be conscious of the environment with every choice that I make.

I will try to eliminate single use plastics in my everyday life. 

Instead of single use plastics I will turn to reusable alternatives like metal straws and reusable bags. 

I will reduce my environmental footprint by taking simple steps like walking instead of driving. 

I will always think of the environment​ and I will remember​,


that I can do anything and make anything possible if I put my mind to it!!!!!​ 

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