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We created Plastic Less Challenges to have a way for people to celebrate there environmental achievements and make small actions that lead to big change! 

Why did we call it Plastic Less July!

During the month of July people all over the world celebrate Plastic Free July. We know that plastic free is not REASONABLE or possible. NOBODY can be plastic free and calling our challenge that makes it sounds intimidating and not ACHIEVABLE when it doesn't have to be!


All we want is for people to make CHANGE in their life. Every little thing you do we want to CELEBRATE so share your JOURNEY! Everyone can do it, this is just the first step to living with less plastic.

Even if it is not a plastic less month on these cards they have some very helpful information and ideas you can implement in your everyday life!

Plastic Less Summer Challenges!

Plastic Less July 2023

This year our challenge will be happening weekly on our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

To enter the giveaway!

  • Make sure you are following us on all social media platforms!

  • Interact with our story's

  • Tag a friend on our posts

  • Share a post on your story/tag us

  • Send us a photo of you doing a challenge

There will be 5 challenges throughout the month! Every little action you take makes a different no mater how small!


Plastic Less July 2022

This year our challenge will be happening daily on our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

To enter our awesome giveaway for July all you need to do is send us 1 picture or piece of evidence of you doing one of the challenges to enter! It is that simple!

Check into our social media each day for the days challenge!

PS: You can find all our social media handles at the bottom of this website :)

Plastic less july giveaway.png
Plastic Less July 2021!.png

Plastic Less July 2021!

Join us starting July 1st 2021 to July 31st 2021! All you need to do is black out the bingo card, fill it with pictures instead of the words and then share it with us!

This year if you blackout the bingo card you will be entered to win an environmental gift basket!

View instructions, bingo cards and the pdf files below! Good luck everyone!

Plastic Less July 2021! (1).png

Plastic Less August 2020

We did our first Plastic Less August Challenge in August 2020!

We created a calendar with each day being a different task for people to reduce their environmental footprint!


Normally during the summer months Plastic Free July happens all around the world, but we made a difference challenge and called in Plastic Less Challenge to make is achievable and accessible to everyone!

Image 2020-07-29 at 8.30 PM.jpeg
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