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Even before our first garbage cleanup, Jade did a garbage cleanup of her own! She collected a bag full of plastic straws in empty lots in Cochrane by the Cpchrane Movie House and Cochrane Times. 

Lives With Less Plastic has had two garbage cleanups cleaning up central Cochrane!

We would like to say a big thank you to the Canadian Brew House and the Cochrane Movie House for taking our garbage after our garbage cleanups!

In our first garbage cleanup we collected 6 bags for garbage in 1 1\2 hours!

In our second garbage cleanup we got 6 bags of garbage in 1 hour!

Garbage Cleanups are a great way for us to get involved with the community to cleanup the places that we see everyday because without the garbage cleanups these areas don't get cleaned up!

We encourage everyone to pick up garbage when they go anywhere not just in a garbage cleanup to keep our environment safe and clean!

Garbage Cleanups!

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