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Talking To Businesses 

When Jade started out she talked to lots of businesses about single use plastics and ditching them!

Jade first talked to Cochrane Fence and Post and Cochrane Half Hitch. Both of these businesses only offered straws to customers when they requested one. 


We set up a pilot project using these two restaurants giving them compostable straws to give to their customers instead. We partnered with the Town of Cochrane Waste and Recycling and Fabrizio Bertolo to make this happen


Overall nothing much happened but it was a good learning experience for us.


After this Jade talked to Two Pharmacy and got them to ditch the plastic bag for compostable bags. Then later they dropped the bags all together. After they took these steps we partnered with them to bring the first T-Shirt bag borrowing station to Cochrane!

Jade also talked to Mark the owner of Cochrane No Frills about their use of plastic bags and trying to influence people to bring reusable's.


*Even through COVID 19 No Frills has continued to let people bring in their reusable bags so they don't have to use the plastic ones!

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