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Cochrane Town Council

Before Jade went to Cochrane Town Council she talked to Mike Korman and Stacey Loe from the Town of Cochrane about the ban. After this the recommended that she went and talked to the Mayor and Councilors. 

Jade ended up talking to Mayor Jeff Genung, Councillor Marni Fedeyko, Councillor Susan Flowers and Councillor Tara McFadden! 

After she talked ot these people she was ready for Cochrane Town Council!

In November Jade Janzen who founded Lives With Less Plastic went to Cochrane Town Council! Jade proposed that the Town of Cochrane ban single use plastic bags and straws in sit down restaurants! The goal was that the bylaw could be expanded to all single use plastic straws and eventually all single use plastics! ​


Unfortunately, Cochrane Town Council took the information from her presentation under advisement and for education and no further action was taken from Town Council! ​

After this, Jade continued Lives WIth Less Plastic creating what it is today! Now Lives With Less Plastic Is focused on education! 

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