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Throughout all the action Lives With Less Plastic has taken, we have been featured in the Cochrane Times, Cochrane Eagle, Cochrane Today and Cochrane Now, newspapers online and printed newspapers!

Thank you to all the writers, especially Noel Edey from Cochrane Now for always writing about our projects and helping the community stay involved and informed with all of our community projects!

How we stay involved with the community is through our social medias, Instagram and Facebook and through our community media! 

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Local teen activist happy with government's promise to ban plastics

Youth wants to start social enterprise aimed at reducing use of plastic


Mixed Views on How Fast We Should Move on Banning Single-Use Plastics


Local youth advocates for plastic ban


Volunteers show up to support "Lives with Less Plastics" cleanup


Quarry garbage cleanup being filmed as part of recycling documentary


Janzen says survey results show Canadians ready to eliminate single-use plastics


Plastic Less August calendar challenge issued


Second Quarry garage collection being held on Sunday


Over 50 tossed disposal masks, sanitary wipes found during garbage cleanup

Radio Newstory- October 9, 2020 

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