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Facts Your Should Know

Canada is banning 6 single use plastic by the beginning of 2023!

- Grocery checkout bags

- Straws

- Stir sticks

- Six-pack rings

- Plastic cutlery 

- Food takeout containers 

This is going towards the goal of zero plastic waste by 2030.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch 

- An Accumulation of marine debris in the Northern Pacific Ocean 

- 8 Million tonnes end up in the ocean each year 

- It is twice the size of Alberta 


- A plastic piece less then 5mm (a grain of rice or smaller)​

- Primary microplastic -  intended to be micro-plastics​, microbeads

- Secondary microplastic -  broken down from big piece of plastic , mircofibers, microplastics ​

- Mircoplastics and micro-fibers from clothing get washed down the drain, and are too small to be filtered out by water treatment facilities


​Single Use Plastic Bags

- A trillion plastic bags are used in the world year ​

- Worldwide 2 million plastic bags are used per minute ​

- 15 billion bags are used in Canada every year ​

- Can be recycled if they are bundles together, if singular they are too lightweight to be recycled ​

Single Use Plastic Straws

- Approximately 57 million straws are used in Canada every day ​​

- Can't be recycled due to small size and they are too lightweight​

- Compostable straws are good but only if put in the compost ​

Others Facts!

- 80% of ocean plastic come from rivers ​

- There are micro plastics/fibers in our drinking water ​

- The global recycling rate is 9% 

- The volume of plastic waste is expected to increase 4 times by 2050​

- 40% of plastic is generated is for packaging ​

- Globally one garbage truck load of  plastic waste enters the ocean every minute. 

- Canadians thrown away over 3 million tonnes of plastic waste every free

What you can do

- Don’t buy overly package goods​

- Refuse straws (even compostable)​

- Use reusable bags, containers, straws, water bottles​

- Bundle any bags together so they get recycled​

- Support local businesses with good environmental footprints 

- Pick up plastic litter when you see it​

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